Long-Term Disability Disputes

Posted by on Aug 24, 2017 in Disability Insurance

If you are filing for long-term disability benefits, you are likely facing a serious physical ailment, such as an injury, illness, or mental health concern. This is a time when you need to focus on your health and well-being and not on financial stress. Although long-term disability insurance is supposed to help you do just this, insurance providers often make it excessively difficult for their clients to receive the benefits they need. There is a multitude of hurdles you must overcome when filing your claim, such as providing proof of disability, which can make this process particularly long and frustrating. Additionally, many insurance companies are looking for any reason to deny a claim because this saves them money, and some companies may even illegally deny valid claims. The legal resource Penn Record recently released an article about a woman suing her insurance provider, due to these underhanded tactics.

Christine C. Hushion has chosen to pursue a lawsuit against Hartford Life Insurance because they wrongfully denied her long-term disability claim. Through her job at Exelon Corporation, Hushion had short-term and long-term disability insurance, that would cover her for two years or more if she acquired a disability. Unfortunately, Hushion acquired significant injuries to her neck, back, shoulders, and arms. These injuries created debilitating pain and Hushion required several different surgical procedures. These injuries prevented Hushion from returning to work indefinitely and led her to seek disability benefits. Although she received all necessary short-term disability benefits, Hartford Life Insurance chose to re-evaluate Hushion’s case, when she required long-term benefits. Ultimately, they chose to deny her benefits despite her continued inability to return to work. Hushion has chosen to sue Hartford, as their decision constitutes a breach of contract and a violation of the law.

Unfortunately, Hushion’s story is not uncommon, and many people must fight for their disability benefits every day. Insurance companies across the country are greedy to earn more money, and they do not seem to care who they hurt in the process. While Hushion has chosen to take legal action against her insurance provider, many others in this situation cannot or will not pursue legal recourse, due to the significant time and expense it requires. Therefore, it is important that we take steps to protect all individuals from these underhanded tactics by further regulating insurance providers’ actions.

Additionally, it is important for all individuals seeking disability benefits to understand their rights during the filing process. Disability insurance lawyers are prepared to offer services such as claim monitoring,  which ensures that insurance companies treat their client’s case appropriately. These lawyers will provide the information that an insurance provider needs as well as work as a liaison between their client, doctors, and the insurance company. Claim monitoring can function as an important safeguard against illegal practices as well as simple mistakes that could impact your claim. It is essential that people filing long-term disability claims receive the benefits they deserve, and legal experts will work to protect these individuals.

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