Construction Accidents: The Common Causes of Workplace Injuries

Posted by on Oct 18, 2016 in Workplace Safety

Most are aware of the fact that construction sites are particularly dangerous areas. Workers that come to these sites are fully conscious of the many risks involved in their jobs. As the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OHSA has found, construction sites are among them most dangerous workplaces in America. In the year 2013, the federal agency in charge of enforcing health and safety legislation in the work place reported a total of 796 fatal incidents of construction site accidents. All in all, for that single year, the OHSA found that construction accident deaths accounted for approximately 20 percent of all workplace fatalities reported in the country.

There are a number of issues that contribute to accidents that commonly occur in construction sites. Certain oversights and errors can quickly make an already hazardous workplace all the more dangerous. The most common accidents in construction sites are typically caused by equipment malfunction and employer negligence. Accidents such as slips, falls, electrocutions, crane collapses, and falling equipment are mostly easy to prevent following proper safety practices. For example, accidents that happen due to failing equipment can be prevented by making sure that the machinery in construction sites receives regularly maintenance and upkeep. Meanwhile, accidents like slips, falls, and electrocutions can be avoided by employers that are dedicated to maintaining a safe workplace for their employees by enforcing proper protocols and hiring individuals that are properly trained for construction work.

Construction work is a notoriously dangerous profession. The individuals that put their lives on the line to do this type of work should be protected from harm at all costs. It’s for this reason that construction workers are encouraged to seek out legal assistance should they ever find themselves devastatingly injured due to an accident that occurred in their workplace. Illinois residents shouldn’t hesitate to contact an accident lawyer in Chicago to learn more about available legal options.

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